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Lockdown Puzzle Framing

As a lot of us have discovered, a great way to pass the time while safely locked down in our bubbles is doing PUZZLES!

Perfect to keep a wandering mind occupied, and so satisfying when you place that last piece... Puzzles have definitely made a resurgence during our time in Lockdown.

Since Auckland is back in Lockdown, we are giving you a 15% discount for any puzzle framing. At level 3, we are still able to manufacture your frames (with lots of precautions in place!) We have contactless drop off and collection set up to keep all of us safe.

There are many ways we can customise your puzzle framing to your specifications. From colourful mat boards to make the colours in the puzzle pop, to a contemporary fresh style to suit a modern home... the options are endless. you can email us at for a quote, or click here.

Not sure how to bring your puzzle in without the pieces going everywhere?? We've worked out the best way to transport puzzles: Our recommendation is to slide your puzzle onto some rigid cardboard (if you don't have any, we can supply you some for free) and tightly wind glad wrap around the puzzle and card to sandwich the puzzle. You're good to go!

When you bring your puzzle in, if we are still in Level 3 lockdown, we will email you with photos and options to ensure you are happy with the framing before we proceed.

We hope to see you and your amazing puzzles soon, Stay Safe from the AMFM Team.

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