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Jersey & Object Framing

We have experience in framing a wide range of jerseys  & other objects including: 

  • Rugby & Football Jerseys

  • Racing overalls

  • Sports Memorabilia 

  • Medals

  • Ketes, cloaks and skirts

  • Artifacts

  • Puzzles

  • Teatowels

 JERSEY FRAMING - the important details:

Care, precision and experience is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Here are a few details to be mindful of when framing your prized Jersey.

  • We use high quality materials -for a high quality product!

  • A deep box frame with raised glass is paramount for aesthetics and function:  to ensure the glass and jersey do not come into contact, we apply special spacers so that the glass hovers above the jersey. 

  • We have honed a fresh contemporary style to suit our client's offices and households. 

  • Custom-made rigid card inserts are individually sized to your jersey so retains its shape for many years to come,

  • Also gives a smooth and enhanced finish to your jersey. 

  • The proportions of your jersey in relation to the frame are very important, we ensure there is a decent amount of space around the jersey. 

  • Our staff have extensive training and experience when it comes to the craft of jersey framing. 

  • Conservation: acid free mat boards are utilized giving further protection for the longevity of your jersey. 

  • No glues used, and only archival materials and methods. 

  • We can customise to your needs and add photographs, plaques or text boxes (surcharges apply)

All Blacks Jersey Framing Auckland
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