Refreshing your Artworks

They looked great when they were first framed -but 20 years later: they are looking a bit tired and don't quite fit in with your decor.

Give your artwork new life with a re-frame!  Our Staff will carefully remove your artwork from it's existing frame and recommend options to give your favourite artwork a new lease on life. From modern contemporary styles, to maintaining an artwork's traditional feel -we've got you covered.

before and after _web.jpg
Before and After Re-Frame

Re-framed with all archival materials to ensure the longevity of this historic Whites Aviation Photograph. Charcoal wedge frame selected to complement the tones in the photograph, and Ultra vue ‘UV70’ glass to reduce reflection. 

Before & After

 This client’s painting on fabric was transformed when it was reframed with this wide scoop moulding from our Marais range. The subtle line detail in the frame highlights the lines in the art.

Before and After Cubist artwork

Before & After