Lockdown Puzzle Framing

As a lot of us have discovered, a great way to pass the time while safely locked down in our bubbles is doing PUZZLES! Perfect to keep a wandering mind occupied, and so satisfying when you place that last piece... Puzzles have definitely made a resurgence during our time in Lockdown. Since Auckland is back in Lockdown, we are giving you a 15% discount for any puzzle framing. At level 3, we are still able to manufacture your frames (with lots of precautions in place!) We have contactless drop off and collection set up to keep all of us safe. There are many ways we can customise your puzzle framing to your specifications. From colourful mat boards to make the colours in the puzzle pop, to a co

Reframing artworks

We love a good framing transformation...breathing new life into tired looking pieces gives us an amazing sense of satisfaction. This Basil Honor 'tropical fantasy' acrylic on canvas was purchased at the International Art Centre collectable art auction. Our skilled staff re-framed it with with a blush toned slip and bold black gloss frame to make the colours in this abstract really stand out. We offer free consultations for re-framing of artworks. Our Staff will carefully remove your artwork from it's existing frame and recommend options to give your favourite artwork a new lease on life. From modern contemporary styles, to maintaining an artwork's traditional feel -we've got you covered. Thi

Enhancing your artworks with customised multiple frames

There is a fine art to enhancing your artworks with without detracting from the work. In this case we chose to stack several frames together to achieve a dramatic look as per our client's brief for their lonely dog artworks. The final product complemented our client's decor perfectly. Here is a photo they sent us of their living room: A combination of ornate frames were selected to enhance these already remarkable artworks and pick up on elements within our client’s home. We selected a Italian hand moulded gold Bellini and used it as a slip inside a large chunky black frame. We then added a smaller Bellini inside the gold frame to achieve the desired effect. -making this a truly customized f

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