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Jersey Framing

With the British and Irish Lions touring throughout June & July, coming to head up against the All Blacks, Auckland Blues and other national teams throughout the country; it's fitting that our first post on our brand new website be about Jersey Framing!

We are lucky enough to see a lot of signed All Blacks shirts come through our workshop for Framing –which is always cause for a lot of excitement!

We are highly experienced at framing precious rugby shirts, with a great level of care and precision taken to ensure that your favourite Rugby Jersey will be a special feature in your home, office or club room.

We provide custom framing for every jersey that comes to us, offering you a wide range of options –including conservation materials and glass.

We are also able to add photographs, captions, team lists or plaques to accompany your jersey and tell a story!

Come in and see us with your jersey, email us at or give us a call on 09 3092020 for a quote.

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