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Reframing artworks

We love a good framing transformation...breathing new life into tired looking pieces gives us an amazing sense of satisfaction.

This Basil Honor 'tropical fantasy' acrylic on canvas was purchased at the International Art Centre collectable art auction. Our skilled staff re-framed it with with a blush toned slip and bold black gloss frame to make the colours in this abstract really stand out.

We offer free consultations for re-framing of artworks. Our Staff will carefully remove your artwork from it's existing frame and recommend options to give your favourite artwork a new lease on life. From modern contemporary styles, to maintaining an artwork's traditional feel -we've got you covered.

This 'Roy Good' Screen print was re-framed in a more contemporary style. Floated over a fresh off-white mat board and fitted with a spaced fit so the glass and artwork don't come into contact. Importantly it was framed with all archival materials including an acid-free mat & backing and 99% Conservation Museum Glass to ensure that artwork is preserved for years to come, and it keeps its value as a collectable artwork.

To inquire about re-framing your art collection, please contact us here

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