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Enhancing your artworks with customised multiple frames

There is a fine art to enhancing your artworks with without detracting from the work. In this case we chose to stack several frames together to achieve a dramatic look as per our client's brief for their lonely dog artworks.

The final product complemented our client's decor perfectly. Here is a photo they sent us of their living room:

A combination of ornate frames were selected to enhance these already remarkable artworks and pick up on elements within our client’s home.

We selected a Italian hand moulded gold Bellini and used it as a slip

inside a large chunky black frame. We then added a smaller Bellini inside the gold frame to achieve the desired effect. -making this a truly customized frame.

For the second artwork (on right) We selected an old worldly ornate frame with beaded gold detail combined with a scoop frame with an intricate leafy pattern and delicate antique rope gold fillet.

Our skilled team had so much fun selecting the frame combinations for these artworks, and creating the final framed works in our workshop. Our customer was stoked!

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