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Los Angeles, March 2017

Michael John Kooge

Round back of the famous Beverly Hills a scene not too often seen by the average Joe where the life styles of the rich & famous mix and mingle. The second I pushed the button, one of the fashion victims, chewing his charcoal teeth, heard it, upped and launched at me “Did I say you could take my picture?!” Rach and I turn, laugh politely and slip away. We’ll let you have your moment Mr Rich for a day.


  • All of Kooge's Photographs are framed with high quality materials includng a white mat, white box frame, backing, standard glass and hangers on the back.
  • Print size is A3, with the finished frame size being approx. A2
  • Photos are printed on high quality archival cotton rag with high pigment inks by our friends at Skar Image Lab.

Rich for a day

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