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kooge the exhibition

In October 2019, Artmount and Framing Matters proudly presented

# KOOGE THE EXHIBITION: Photographic works shot on 35mm film

by Michael John Kooge, including never seen before images.

All proceeds from framing and print sales went directly to Kooge to help his fight against Glioblastoma  (an aggressive form of brain cancer with only a 1.5 year median survival rate) 

You can still purchase works HERE


Finding Beauty and honesty in subjects of the mundane, the old and retro, the ignored and forgotten. Kooge’s well-travelled camera has clicked away in LA, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Hawaii to right home in Aotearoa.  Kooge’s eye for the quirky, nostalgic and vibrant elicits a sense of familiarity, always bringing joy to the viewer. His use of angles distinguishes him from the rest, often discovering merging and contrasting lines in everyday architecture, streets scenes, and of course his signature palm tree shots.  


If you've ever listened to The Edge radio station then you'll definitely have heard Kooge at one point or another. From reading the news, to being the voice of The Edge (yeah, he was the guy that said 'The Edge' for more than 10 years!) ...Kooge literally was 'The Edge'.

And you can't go anywhere in NZ it seems nowadays without still hearing his unique and signature deep, authoritative yet friendly voice across multiple Mediaworks radio stations, popping up every so often reading news, sport and weather on air for the likes of The Rock, The Edge, The More FM, Mai FM, The Breeze, The Sound, Magic Talk, Magic Music and George FM and filling in on shows on More FM. Kooge's NZ famous funny, lovable personality and voice (believe us, you'll know it when you hear it) also likes to pop up on various nationwide radio and TV ad campaigns including your favourite takeaway pizza place, luxury car brands and even the current Rugby World Cup.

Unfortunately, life hasn’t been too fair for Michael, having suffered from stage 3 melanoma in 2012, Kooge has been diagnosed now with a second and completely different cancer (Glioblastoma). After a seizure at work he was rushed to hospital and put on life support where they found after scans, a brain tumor. Kooge has since undergone brain surgery and is currently in the middle of chemotherapy treatments to fight off the cancer.

One of Kooge’s dreams is to have an exhibition of his photographic works… which is where Esther Montgomery & Dixie Finlayson of ‘Artmount & Framing Matters’ come in… and are making his dream a reality! Bringing to you a beautifully curated exhibition of Kooge’s 25 most iconic works.

This is a project that is very close to our hearts, and are very excited to see it through to fruition. Our goal is to help Kooge pay for his everyday bills and contribute towards the mounting cost of his chemotherapy which unfortunately is not funded.

Orders can be placed on opening day at the exhibition. Editions of each image available to purchase at an irresistible price. Printing & Framing takes approximately 2-4 weeks to produce.

All proceeds from framing and print sales go directly to Kooge. 

Want to know more? Email us

"For us, this exhibition is a WIN WIN WIN for everyone involved.

Kooge gets to see his photographs printed and framed, which is a big dream of his. We get to feel great about helping out another human being. And the customer wins too, they get a beautifully printed photograph, framed with high quality materials… and everyday they see it hanging on their wall

-they can feel fulfilled in knowing they’ve helped someone fight cancer."


-Esther, Production & Gallery Manager

Read more about Michael Kooge's battle with cancer here: 

You can also follow Kooge's cancer journey on his Facebook (just search KOOGE)


And his photography Instagram too, where he posts new images every week (Search: MKOOGE)


If you would like to donate to Kooge's health journey, please see his Givealittle page... every little bit helps!

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