Giona Bridler

Giona Bridler’s photography allowed him to examine his own history through the landscape of his native Switzerland, where he returned to after a childhood in New Zealand. He was captivated by the mountains of the land-locked nation, and  found the influence of the landscape on the psyche of its people to be clearly evident: “I was at home in the mountains. Family gave me stability, strength and security, all qualities that I felt in the mountains.”


Giona Bridler was born in Switzerland and now resides in Auckland, New Zealand. He has exhibited internationally and was winner of the Sony Emerging Photographer in 2008.

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By Giona Bridler
Edition of 8
The size of this work adds another layer of magnificence -Produced at the grand size of 1675 x 1180 mm, this will transform your room.
Includes a protective UV Sandtex Laminate, the beauty of this is no reflection on your artwork!
By Giona Bridler
Photograph, Edition of 8
1250mm x 904mm
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