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Ewan Dunsmuir

Ewan Dunsmuir, whilst living in New Zealand - is a landscape photographer originally from the remote Islands of Scotland.


He is internationally recognised, exhibiting in the UK and NZ. His work has featured in international publications including Vogue and more recently, published in National Geographic for his Landscape work. He regularly publishes in editorials in USA and also the UK, and is regularly the recipient of accolades such as awards from National Geographic for his work.  


"I regard myself as a perfectionist, often waiting for many hours somewhere extreme or remote  to get that shot. My intent is to not make many images, so that when I do... its just right, and a little bit exclusive!"

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Home. By Ewan Dunsmuir
Edition of 10
Archival Printing on Cotton Rag. Raw wood beveled Frame, UV70 Glass.
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