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Tray Frames

Tray Frames are the most popular way of displaying canvases, giving a contemporary method of showing your artwork at its best. It is a modern and unique style  that gives the impression that the canvas is floating within the frame. 


The artwork sits flush at the front of the frame with a deliberate gap or ‘gutter’ of around 5mm between the canvas and the frame. This delicate gap adds a modern, streamlined look.

Tray frames are best suited to stretched canvas prints / paintings on canvas, but can also be used for artwork on board. You can also apply tray frames to our Artmount products.  


Often referred to as "gutter frames" or "floating frames" they are a stylish and versatile option that enhances the artwork while providing a clean, gallery-like quality to a space. 

Available in a number of colours including Natural Ash, Oak, Black, White, Charcoal etc -we have a wide range of options for you. 

Ash tray Frame
Square Face Tray.jpg
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