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Art on the Strand is a rotating exhibition of original and limited edition artworks on show now at Artmount & Framing Matters.


Artmount & Framing Matters has operated for over 20 years in the Strand, Parnell, under Director Dixie Finlayson. Dixie has always loved art and has been lucky enough to meet some very talented people through her line of business – working with art and artists on a daily basis. Since Esther Montgomery joined the team as Project Manager in 2016, the two have begun working more closely with some of their favorite up-and-coming artists, offering the opportunity to display work in the Artmount & Framing Matters showroom. What started as a side project has slowly evolved into Art on the Strand, a showcase of beautiful and attractively-priced original artworks.


Together Esther and Dixie have a discerning eye for talent, honed through Dixie’s significant career working with art, and Esther’s extensive experience as a graphic designer and studio photographer. “We often come across artists who are very talented, but lack the confidence and experience to back their own work,” explains Dixie. “We’ve given them the boost they need by identifying their hero artworks and presenting them to a whole new audience.” So far Art on the Strand has attracted a diverse range of painters and photographers, all carefully curated by Dixie and Esther. The pair has identified a market for beautifully-presented and affordable pieces by interesting emerging artists.


Read more about Art on the Strand Artists here >

Art on the Strand | Artmount and Framing Matters
Kristine Keir
parnell baths.jpg
Becky Nunes
Lisa Morgan.jpg
Lisa Morgan
Ercan Cairns
Bas van Est
Amber_Moving Mountains.jpg
Amber Jones
Giona Bridler
Ewan Dunsmuir
Long live the crown the crown is dead 9.
Michael Hawkins
Matthew Hawke
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